Hooray - 5600 Altibox customers

In October, Telefiber passed 5600 Altibox customers and for us as a small local broadband provider, this is a major milestone.
The past year has been incredibly hectic for us. We have experienced a huge demand as many people have wanted fiber to their home office, home school, cabin office, gaming, entertainment and TV.

Although it's fun to have a product that many people want, our challenge has been to be able to take care of our customers in a good way and, not least, get them connected as quickly as possible. We have come a long way with two new appointments in positions that only deal with customers, but we still have a long way to go before we are where we want to be.

But we are constantly improving, with more staff, better internal processes, better websites and, not least, more self-help. All this to best serve our customers so that we become the preferred supplier of broadband and entertainment

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