12 years in a row, with Norway's most satisfied customers 🥇

It was fun to win gold for the first 11 years, but it was the 12th year that really mattered. Thanks for the trust, especially this year!
The past year has demanded a lot from all of us - with a home office, home school and little free time outside the four walls of the house. It therefore means a lot that the Altibox partnership for the 12th year in a row has the most satisfied customers in the industry, both for the private and business market, according to Epsi Rating Norway's annual customer satisfaction analysis. Read more about Epsi here.

- Last year led to a sudden increase in internet use and entertainment consumption. "With customers making higher demands on TV and internet, it is particularly gratifying that we once again end up with the most satisfied customers," says CEO Tor Morten Osmundsen of Altibox.

Increase from last year

Altibox receives a customer satisfaction score of 70.6 in the broadband category for the residential market, one horse's head ahead of the industry average of 62.5. The score is a significant increase of almost two percentage points for Altibox, while the general industry score has declined slightly.

In the TV distribution category, they have also given us a score of over 70 - also up almost two percentage points from last year. The industry average here is 61.3 percent.

This really motivates us, and we will work hard over the next year to improve even more!

- We believe that our partners' long-term work to build a solid fiber network with high capacity is part of the explanation for the result. Our network tolerated the pandemic well, and I think our customers appreciated that," says Osmundsen.

Netflix in a box

In addition to a good and stable network, we're continuing to add content you can choose with points. As the first TV provider in Norway, you can now choose Netflix in your TV package if you have our newest decoder, Model A. You can read more about it here.

- Many of our customers find it convenient to have access to a huge entertainment universe in one place. With us, you have the freedom of choice to watch the content you most want to watch, at the time you want," says Thor Odin Solsem, Product Manager at Altibox.

Here you can find an overview of other content you can choose with the TV package from Altibox.

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